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I Heart Modcloth

I finally got Jim to take outfit photos outside! Unfortunately they came out kind of glarey, but they are much brighter. I love this dress, it feels so simple yet glamorous.

IMG 5017

IMG 5018

IMG 5021

Credit Where Credit is Due: Dress: Modcloth; Vest – Modcloth; Necklace – Modcloth; Wedges – Forever 21



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Wonderful Wednesday

It is time for another Wonderful Wednesday post. How was everyone’s Wednesday? Feel free to share some reasons why your Wednesday was Wonderful in comments!

Here are 8 reasons why my Wednesday was wonderful:

1. I finally took outfit photos of one of my favorite outfits!

2. I am going to put away some of my winter clothes today. Not everything, but its a start.

3. I received my last shipment of my 6-month Tea of the Month Club from Republic of tea (an awesome Christmas present from the boyfriend – thanks honey!).  The tea was Get Charged by Republic of Tea (just in time for finals!)

4. I also received my 4th sample of Ginger Peach Black Tea by Republic of Tea since it was the last shipment. This is awesome because I like this tea, but not enough to buy. Apparently I don’t even need to – haha.

5. I finally got around to finding a bunch of sources for my 10 page research paper that is due on Monday. Yeah I know…procrastination is not my friend.

6. I am wearing a new dress (that I actually also got for Christmas). I am planning on doing an outfit post about that later.

7. I am also wearing a bracelet that was the first gift Jim ever gave me. It always make me smile.

8. Cherry tomatoes and mango lemonade.


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Ollie the Owl

Yesterday was on of those days when nothing in my closet seemed right. I hated all the outfits I put together, and ended up wearing something I wasn’t crazy about. Then I remembered my favorite little necklace from Modcloth. It is a recent addition to my wardrobe (a Valentine’s present from my wonderful boyfriend), and it is just one of those pieces that is so adorable you can’t help but smile when wearing it. And guess what it worked! By the end of the night I was loving my outfit!

This picture came out kind of dark, but I really like it for some reason. So I thought I would include it anyway:

Here is a close up look at Ollie the Owl:

And here is another one! You can also see the print of my dress a bit better in this picture. I personally think it is a really neat pattern.

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress: Urban Outfitters; Cardigan: Banana Republic; Tights: Banana Republic; Flats: Urban Outfitters; Necklace: Modcloth; Headband: Modcloth (free gift with purchase – yay!)

Lesson learned: great accessories can really make an outfit. Thanks Ollie and thanks Jim for purchasing him!


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