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Sister Golden Hair

I love this dress. Everything about it is so perfect. The cut, the color, the beading, the sleeves. Its a bit big on me but I don’t even care because it is so amazing. Plus it makes it super comfortable.

I wore this dress last weekend out to dinner with my fiancé. We went to On the Border – one of our favorites. Does any one else adore On the Border? I think they have the most amazing chips and salsa. Plus they have this red onion and avocado enchilada which is to die for. Anyway now that I have gotten myself hungry for Mexican food, onto the outfit photos.

IMG 6028

IMG 6031

IMG 6034

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Modcloth; Tights – Christmas Gift; Boots – Bakers Shoes; Necklace – Birthday Gift; Headband – Christmas Gift



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Lets Pretend There’s No Such Thing As Winter

This is actually the outfit I wore last Friday. I am a little bit behind on posting. I am gonna try and be better about that though because blogging is really a fun hobby that I love doing.

Anyway when I saw Jim last Friday night he almost immediately asked if I wanted him to take outfit photos. I would like to think its because this outfit is so awesome, but its probably because it was a little crazy. I mean I am wearing 5 inch wedges in January.

IMG 6022

IMG 6020

IMG 6019

IMG 6023

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Hand-me-down from my Mom; Sweater – Christmas gift; Tights – Forever 21; Wedges – Modcloth

Anyway I thought I did I pretty good job transitioning this dress from a summer dress to a winter one. Summer dress + oversized sweater + tights = winter outfit!

This is how I wore it over the summer:

IMG 4450


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Desert Snow

I have an outfit post!! I am kind of sad that they are few and far between lately because I really like doing them, but I’ll take what I can get.

I wore this outfit on Saturday, i.e. the first true snow of the winter! I wore it hanging around my apartment all day and then to dinner with my friends later in the night. I think the entire outfit is made up of new items from Christmas presents. I really love wearing a bunch of new clothes at once. It makes an outfit feel extra special – does anyone else feel that way.

IMG 6003

IMG 5997

IMG 6002

IMG 6007

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – gift; Boots – gift; Tights – gift; Headband – gift

I have been settling into the semester so my posts have been few and far between, but I think I am getting my schedule down now so post should pick back up.

See you tomorrow with a Wonderful Wednesday post!


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Chicago Style 2

I had a lot of fun doing a summary of all the outfits I wore while visiting my fiancé’s parents in May/June so I thought I would do so again. I was a superb packer this time and brought exactly enough outfits for the number of days we were there. They were pre-planned and everything!

And yes I did the dreaded picture in the mirror thing, but I am pretty sure Jim’s family would have thought I was crazy if I started taking outfit photos in there front lawn!

Outfit 1: The sweater was a Christmas gift from my Aunt. I think that is the only item of red clothing that I own, but I think I may have to get more red pieces. The plaid shirt was a gift from my mom. The bicycle necklace was a birthday present. The jeans are from Forever 21.

Outfit 2: I have definitely posted this outfit on my blog before. That sweater is one of my favorites (its from Urban Outfitters). As is the dress.

Outfit 3: This is the outfit I wore to Jim’s extended family Christmas party (with almost 50 people!). The sweater was a Christmas gift from my mom. The necklace was a Valentine’s day gift from Jim. The skirt was a hand-me-down from my mom.

Outfit 4: This is one of my favorite new sweaters. It is an XL from Jcrew but i just wear it as an oversized sweater. It is a great color. The jeans are really old and from Gap.


You can see the first Chicago Style here.

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Feeling Crazy

I have some more outfit photos!! These are from a while ago. I can’t remember exactly when. They were at some point before finals, but everything in the past 2 weeks is pretty much just a blur of studying and Christmas preparation.

This outfit is a little out there, but I like it anyway. I have really been enjoying wearing my hair in a top knot lately. If I wear my hair in a traditional bun, I kind of look like I have no hair in photos, so you know this fixes that.

Anyway here are the pictures:

IMG 5618

IMG 5626

IMG 5629

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress: Modcloth; Shirt: From my Mom; Tights: DKNY (via Macy’s); Wedges: Forever 21; Hair Bow: Won in Contest


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And We’re Back!

I have an outfit post today! Jim and I managed to coordinate some outfit photo time. He is such a good sport. I can’t remember exactly what day I wore this outfit, sometime in the last week I believe. I really liked this it because it was comfy and simple.

Also I am wearing my favorite $10 jeans. I love the color and they are the perfect length for me which is a rarity at 5’3″. (Does the period go inside the quotations in that situation??).

IMG 5597

IMG 5601

IMG 5599

Don’t you just love these shoes? Jim got them for me for our 3 year anniversary!

IMG 5602

Credit where Credit is Due: Cardigan – Jcrew; T-shirt – Jcrew; Jeans – Forever 21; Wedges – Modcloth; Bracelet – Gift From My Mom

In other news I just finished a 10 page research paper for one of my classes. I am super excited to be done with it. The semester is truly coming to an end!


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Beautiful Bows & Wretched Wraps

I know that I am supposed to love wrap dresses. I know that they are supposed to look great on every body type and be the best type of dress. However I really have a strong dislike for wrap dresses. This is the only wrap dress I own and I only like it because of its bright color and pretty scarf belt. Maybe its because I am 5’2″ or maybe I am some kind of ill-proportioned freak of nature, but wrap dresses never fit me right. The top is always to low, the waist never hits my natural waist, and don’t even get me started on the fact that a gust of wind can completely unravel a wrap dress.

Moving on from my rant…This is what I wore on Wednesday, and despite my rambling it really is a cute little dress. The scarf is perfect for me because you don’t have to tie it in a bow. I am completely inept at tying pretty little bows. They are always floppy, lopsided and twisted. However this particular belt was made to be tied in this kind of drapey knot (or at least that is how the dress came and I am sticking to my story that a bow is not necessary).

IMG 5116

IMG 5109

IMG 5110

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Banana Republic; Wedges – Forever 21; Bracelet – a gift


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