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I really have no idea what text should accompany these photos. I have been thinking and thinking and everything sounds stupid.

I think cloudy skies are beautiful…The End.

Photo 4

Photo 1

Photo 3

Photo  12

Happy Memorial Day!





Day to Day

Here are some mediocre iPhone pictures of life lately. Which I have to say has been pretty awesome. I have been slacking on the blog posts lately but I have a good excuse. I have been the process of moving into an apartment I love (and I can’t remember where I packed my camera at the moment (hence the iPhone pictures)). Last weekend was entirely consumed with moving activities so I am really looking forward to the upcoming one and its a long weekend at that! I have to say though this is by far the best kind of moving.

Stacks of Boxes:

Photo 4

Some Unpacking:

Photo 5

An Empty Room (which is no longer empty):

Photo 1

A Pretty New Dress:

Photo 2

Besides moving I have been wedding planning, online shopping for apartment furnishings, job hunting, going for walks, watching Boardwalk Empire and Big Bang Theory, and reading books and blogs, oh and eating lots of awesome pizza.


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Odds and Ends

I didn’t take too many pictures while I was off visiting Jim’s family in Chicago for Christmas, but I thought I would share a few I had on my phone. The fact that the iPhone actually has a decent camera is truly awesome!

1. Waiting for the train. 2. Waiting for the plane. 3. Helping with dinner. 4.  Salsa ingredients (yum!). 5. Jim’s brother and his sister’s husband playing pool (i.e. my future brothers in law). 6. Pretty flowers.


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Snapshots Sunday

I thought that it would be fun to share some random snapshots from my visit home. Hopefully you enjoy my little show and tell!

My family’s puppy! His name is Katadin and he is 14 weeks old.

IMG 4633

An outfit that I wore out to a birthday dinner:

IMG 4695

The book I am currently reading & my awesome iPad case:

IMG 4702

A house my Dad is building:

IMG 4706

My sister the future fashion blogger:

IMG 4716

My brother and Mom:

IMG 4724

My Dad spraying a hose at my sister:

IMG 4726

Some old rings I forgot I owned:

IMG 4791

Polka-dot dresses (birthday presents):

IMG 4795


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Milestones For The Win

Today’s post is very special because a) it is my first DIY & more importantly b) it is my 100th post! I think that is an exciting little milestone for my blog!

I made this photo collage as a little summer project. It isn’t the most impressive thing in the whole world but it is a fun little craft and I think the result is pretty nice.

What you will need:

1) Photos that you have duplicates of or that you don’t mind cutting up (I got mine from for .01 a piece).

2) Scissors

3) Photo safe glue or tape

4) A poster frame

What to do:

1) Choose your photos. Make sure to choose pictures with big bold images. For example this soda can:

IMG 4517

2) Cut carefully around the part of the picture you want to include in your collage. The more precisely you cut around your image the cooler your collage will look.

IMG 4493

3) Layout the pictures onto the inside of your poster frame (if you are using an expensive frame you may want to lay the pictures down on a separate sheet of paper or cardboard). This part is the trickiest and the most fun. Make sure to fit your pictures together so that there a minimal gaps (like a jigsaw puzzle).

4) Assemble the frame and hang your creation proudly.

IMG 4565

Here is an example of another one I made in high school:

IMG 4618

I hope you enjoyed my first ever DIY and my 100th blog post!!


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The One With Random Pictures

My last 2 posts completely lacked pictures. Therefore I thought I would have a post entirely devoted to photographs. Enjoy!

IMG 3813

IMG 4090


IMG 3819

Just cropped

Old New Brunswick

IMG 4067

IMG 3057


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iPhone Storytelling

I am home from my little trip to Chicago and Indianapolis. I have plenty to share from this vacation, but I thought I would start out by sharing some of my favorite iPhone pictures. I was planning on doing this post yesterday but days of traveling left me unwilling to do anything, but sit on the couch and do nothing.

I was going to do a little story for each of the photos, but I kind of like this post the way it is. I don’t want to overload on text and sometimes the pictures just tell the story better. If you are curious about any of the photos, ask away in comments!


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