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Bad Blogger Chronicles

So the post I made earlier was supposed to be for yesterday. I don’t really have a good reason as to why I didn’t publish it yesterday. I use WordPress not Blogger so I don’t have that excuse and I wasn’t exactly busy. I just simply forgot.

Then on top of that I wanted to say in the post that it was my outfit from yesterday or change the post to the past tense or something. Then I forgot to do that too.

To continue my fail streak, I changed before taking outfit photos today. I guess I thought I had already taken them earlier. I don’t know what is wrong with my brain today (my outfit was really cute too).

Anyway I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday. Today I went to visit Jim’s sister. He did some work on her and her fiance’s computer in exchange for a keurig coffee maker (good deal – right?). I chatted with his sister about her wedding and such, and played with her cute but hyperactive puppy. It was seriously the dog’s goal in life to eat Jim’s shorts. Not really sure why, but they must have smelled tasty.

Hopefully I will be a better blogger tomorrow (but that might require doing laundry – darn)!

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?



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Wonderful Wednesday

1. A mouse got trapped in my desk drawer at work (I know  that doesn’t sound wonderful but it made me laugh)

2. Lots of movies to watch this weekend

3. Sunny forecasts for tomorrow

4. Easter Candy (jelly beans, peeps, cadbury eggs – what’s not to love)

5. A flowered Skirt and a leaf necklace (I can at least pretend it is springy out)

6. Buy 10 coffees get one free paid off today!

7. My family might get one of these puppies:


8. My brother (14 years old) won his baseball game and my sister (11 years old) struck out 5 people in her softball game!


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