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Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

This weekend I was going to take outfit photos of what I wore to our wedding tasting…

And then I was going to take pictures of what I wore out tonight to our Valentine’s celebration…

I was also going to finally take out my camera in a restaurant…

And I was gonna get some stuff done for my job…

This weekend I ate 3 kinds of cake at the the tasting (shamelessly)…

And dropped a ridiculous number of forks…

I tried a strawberry daiquri for the first time…

And I ate a yummy enchilada…

I learned some good news…

And I got even more excited about going to the UK…

I don’t have any pictures to share with you tonight, but I’ll chock it up to a good weekend anyway.

I hope you had a weekend that was so fun you forgot to document it.



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(1. Birthday Presents 2. Birthday Cake 3. Caramel Latte in class 4. Felt Roses 5. Trying on Glasses 6. Luna Bar in class 7. Okkervil River Record 8. Wedges 9. A Bit of Snow 10. Tea!)

  • I have finally gotten to see the church we are getting married in and its beautiful.
  • I have been obsessed on Downtown Abbey. It really is as good as everyone says. I was hooked after one episode.
  • I finally picked a new pair of glasses that I want (something I have been trying to do since Christmas).
  • I have been getting really excited to head to the UK next week.
  • And perhaps even more excited for my fiancé’s birthday next Wednesday.
  • I have been amazed at how fast time is going by.
  • And I have been trying to enjoy every day more.
  • I have enjoyed getting more and more wedding details put together every day.
  • I have been trying to keep my apartment a bit cleaner.
  • And I’ve been trying to get my homework done early.
  • I have been obsessed with cereal and chai tea with coffee creamer.
  • And I finally got my hair trimmed.

What have you been up to lately?


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A Lost Art


It wasn’t until I started wedding planning that I realized how truly few phone calls I make. Suddenly I have to call all these vendors and venues and churches and it feels so strange. I am definitely way too reliant on emails and text messages.

To be honest I don’t have much to say today, but I felt like making a post so I just started typing.

Lately I have been wedding planning and enjoying my last week of vacation and in other news I am getting new glasses. I am gonna try Warby Parkers home try on program. Hopefully I find a pair I like.

In other other news:

  • I have been utterly failing at taking pictures with my actual camera lately.
  • is a super awesome way to listen to music.
  • That picture at the top of my post has absolutely nothing to do with this post (see bullet point 1).

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got today. This post isn’t of the highest quality, but I can live with that.

Have a supurb day!




Odds and Ends

I didn’t take too many pictures while I was off visiting Jim’s family in Chicago for Christmas, but I thought I would share a few I had on my phone. The fact that the iPhone actually has a decent camera is truly awesome!

1. Waiting for the train. 2. Waiting for the plane. 3. Helping with dinner. 4.  Salsa ingredients (yum!). 5. Jim’s brother and his sister’s husband playing pool (i.e. my future brothers in law). 6. Pretty flowers.


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Lately I have been:

Attempting to prepare for 5 finals at once.

3 of which are on Monday….

Simultaneously I have been trying to get all my Christmas presents ready for my family Christmas party this weekend (worst timing ever? I think so!).

And I have been trying to have a life too (this somehow gets left behind).

I might be quiet for the next couple of days…

But come Wednesday I will be one happy girl with lots of saved up posts.

If this was at all coherent I am proud (my brain hurts).


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Eight is Great

So I just realized that my Wonderful Wednesday post has a little smiley dude instead of an 8. I have to admit that I make this mistake every single Wednesday and then have to go back and edit my post, but this week I forgot. I seem to  have some sort of mental block where I have to write my 8 like this 8 )  which makes this happen 8) …

Perhaps next week I will remember to write 8. instead (probably not)


Edit: I forgot to add tags to this post, so now I am editing it. Double Fail.

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A Night In My Kitchen

Tonight I embarked on making this recipe. This is pretty much how it went:

Step one: Chop onions and garlic, i.e. attempt to peel the garlic and end up with garlic peels stuck to your hands, counter, floor, knife, sink and every other possible surface.

Step two: Cook the onions until tender. Check!

Step three: Cook the garlic for 2 minutes, i.e cook the garlic for 10 minutes because you can’t seem to get the sweet potato peeled and chopped fast enough and you don’t own a sharp knife so your basically cutting into a thick slippery sweet potato with a butter knife and trying not to kill your self in the process.

Step four: Cook the sweet potato for 5 minutes, i.e. cook the sweet potato for 20 plus minutes. Because your can opener doesn’t work and you are supposed to open 3 cans of black beans and 3 cans of tomatoes, but really you give up after 2 cans of each because your can opener is dull and rusty and the handle is falling off. After wrestling with the cans for 10 minutes you finally get the can half way open and pry the rest up with a spoon throughly coating your counters in gross liquid in the process.

Step five: Rinse the beans and add beans, tomatoes, broth and water to the vegetables. Well at this point your realize that you have been cooking the sweet potatoes way longer than your supposed to, but you can’t find your strainer so you throw the entire contents of your cabinet on to the floor (you manage to find the strainer though). Next you quickly rinse to beans and toss them in the pot dripping water all over your mess of a kitchen. And who actually follows recipes? (not me!) So you don’t add the water.

Step six: Add the spices. You realize that in the frenzy which was the last step of the soup making process you have completely destroyed your kitchen and being the ocd clean freak that you are you decide the spices can wait for you to clean up the mess.

Step seven: Add 1 tablespoon of chili powder, 2 teaspoons of cumin, a dash of red pepper flakes, and half a bunch of fresh cilantro, i.e. realize you don’t have chili powder so you throw in a dash of cayenne pepper and a heap of paprika (they’re the same color – right?). You attempt to measure out 2 teaspoons of cumin, but who has time for measuring? So you just throw a decent amount in there too. Then you remember that you are a poor college student who doesn’t have fancy ingredients like fresh cilantro so you just throw some thyme in the pot because why not.

Step eight: Throw in a dash of red pepper flakes – I can follow directions every once and awhile.

And that’s what cooking in my shoes is like….


P.S. For the record I think the soup came out pretty darn good.

P.P.S. If you actually read that whole post – hats off to you! And I hope I made you laugh or at least crack a small smile.

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