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A Few Favorites

Sorry I have been a little bit lax about posting lately, however it is 4th of July weekend. Sometimes you just have to relax and not think about blogging – right?

Anyway it is time for another edition of A Few Favorites.This week I am going to talk about my favorite stores. Nothing revolutionary, just where I like to buy my clothing.

1) Modcloth – Is there anyone who doesn’t love Modcloth? I am pretty sure the sell the prettiest dresses known to man. Plus they always look super unique and aren’t ridiculously overpriced. It is kind of like Anthropologie for people on a budget.

2) Urban Outfitters – This has pretty much been my go-to store since I was about 14. Again I like them for there interesting pieces at normal prices. Although lately it seems as if there prices have been steadily climbing. Does anyone else feel this way?

3) Forever 21 – When I was in high school Forever 21 was kind of trashy. The quality sucked, the clothes weren’t particularly cute and the stores were understocked and dirty. However I feel that in the past few years Forever 21 has really hit its stride. If you want a cute trendy piece buy it there!

4) H&M – I have very few pieces of clothing from H&M, but that is only because there isn’t one near me. If there was one near me I would die of happiness.

5) Jcrew – I think that Jcrew is the perfect store for basics. It is a bit pricey, but everything I have bought from there has lasted forever. If I had an unlimited budget I might be tempted to create a wardrobe entirely made up of Jcrew pieces.

As you can tell I mostly favor the cheaper end of the clothing spectrum. I hate spending tons of money on a single piece of clothing, plus it always seems that my most loved and most comfy pieces cost the least amount of money.

I would love to hear about other people’s favorite stores!!



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