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Simplicity and Such

Today was a simple a lovely day…

Today I wore plaid and jeans…

And blue moccasins…

Today I didn’t wear any products in my hair…

And I drank not one, not two, but 4 yummy cups of tea…

Today I baked cookie pies…

And ate two for lunch…

Today I worked on improving my crafting skills…

And actually liked the product…

Today was a good day…

And by today I mean yesterday because I didn’t get around to posting this on time…

(Real today ain’t half bad either).



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Wonderful Wednesday

I am going to get around to posting pictures from my trip to the UK, but currently my laptop is acting up so I cannot import pictures. We shall now proceed with why today is wonderful (no need to dwell on the crappy things – right?):

1) I am touring an apartment with my fiance tonight. Yay for potential future homes.

2) I got lots of homework and unpacking done today.

3) And I baked some muffins (although they kind of suck).

4) I have a small supply of British candy and its super yummy.

5) My professor told me I did good job on an assignment I thought I did poorly on.

6)  Jim and I have been working on planning our honeymoon which is tons of fun.

7) There are only a little over two weeks until Spring Break!

8) And I have to throw in lots and lots of yummy tea because tea is always important.


P.S. That ice cream has nothing to do with anything. It is just a random picture or airport ice cream.

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Wonderful Wednesday

Hello! Hope your having a great day. Here are some reasons why today was wonderful:

1. My only class yesterday got canceled so I got most of my to do’s for today done yesterday!

2. I found some older tea in the back of my cabinet that I am excited to try again.

3. I got to make an awesome surprise for Jim today and it involved cake.

4. There was a bit of snow…enough to be pretty to look at, but not enough to be annoying.

5. I get to spend the week celebrating Jim’s birthday!

6. I love baking so having an excuse to do so is super awesome.

7. I thought one of his presents wasn’t going to come on time, but I was wrong.

8. I have iced tea made for later in my fridge. Its called Chocolate Monkey and I’m excited to try it.


P.S. Jim’s birthday is actually next Wednesday but we are gonna be away.

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Terrific Thursday

Jim was really upset that I never came back for my Wonderful Wednesday post like I said I would on Tuesday. I really meant to, but it seemed that everything was going wrong yesterday (locking myself out of my apartment, deleting homework assignments, etc.) and then it was night and I was tired. Anyway he suggested I do a Terrific Thursday post instead!

So here it goes. Today is terrific because:

1) I don’t have any classes tomorrow.

2) Or work.

3) I had yummy leftover homemade carrot soup and focaccia bread for dinner.

4) And I have “homemade” brownies for dessert (they’re really Trader Joe’s brownies that came as pre-made batter you just had to pour in a pan so homemade is probably a bit of a stretch).

5) I am taking the next two days as mental health days with no homework or wedding planning or apartment hunting or job hunting or cleaning or cooking anything more complicated than frozen pizza. It is a much needed mini-vacation that I am really looking forward to.

6) Steam is finally getting an iPhone app which probably has no relevance to most people reading this, but its still awesome.

7) It looks like my reading load for the semester actually isn’t too bad so I might actually be able to read some “real” books (maybe…)

8) I pretty much put this on every Wonderful Wednesday post, but there is just something extra special about a cup of tea on a cold rainy day like today.

I hope everyone had a terrific day!


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I just realized I didn’t do my Wonderful Wednesday post this week! I am spending this week visiting my family and it just completely slipped my mind, but better late than never – right??

This week is wonderful because…

1) I got to spend lots of time with my family!

2) I got a hilarious email from a professor informing us that since it was an online course we needed to be able to use a computer – apparently this is something people struggle with.

3) I have pink and purple polka dot nails!

4) I got some wonderful belated Christmas presents from my family.

5) My baby sister turns 12 next week – 12!!!

6) I am spending lots of time drinking tea, reading magazines, and chatting with my mom before school starts up again.

7) I actually have some pictures to include in this post.

8) My fiancé is joining me at my house tonight which is awesome because I miss him tons!


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Wonderful Wednesday

I don’t think I have done a full Wonderful Wednesday post in a while. Sorry about that. I happened to be flying last Wednesday so I think that’s a valid excuse. Anyway here are the reasons while today is wonderful:

1) Luna Bars for breakfast. I have an obsession with Luna bars, but they aren’t really in my everyday grocery budget so my awesome fiancé got me a big box for Christmas.

2) It managed to stay into the high 40s/low 50s all the way through November and December and up through yesterday. Even though yesterday was quite chilly I am not gonna complain about curling up with extra blankets, tea, and a good magazine.

3) This book (Handmade Weddings). This was another Christmas present from Jim and it is super amazing. All the projects inside are so beautiful. I am trying to hold off on making everything for my October wedding this week.

4) Tea, tea and more tea. I got tea as a Christmas present from Jim, his brother, his parents and my parents. It’s amazing!

5) Amazon book trade-in. Did you know that you can trade in old textbooks (or regular books) to Amazon and they will give you Amazon gift card money in exchange. They even pay for the postage to get the books there! Its awesome and they give you more money than any campus bookstore ever would.

6) I made an appointment to go wedding dress shopping! I am so super excited!

7) I am wearing my hair in a high bun. I used to wear my hair in a bun every day of middle school and in braids every day of high school because I hated having such curly hair. However now I wear my hair down almost every day so wearing it up makes me feel fancy.

8) I was causally browsing jobs today and I actually saw a job I would like to have that I would qualify for! Gives me hope for my post-graduation job hunt!

Tell me why your Wednesday was wonderful.


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Today it was almost Fall. It was rainy and cool enough to wear jeans and a cardigan. While I do not love walking to class in the rain or the fact that my school feels it necessary to blast the heat when it is 63 degrees out, so far today has been a superb day. It started out nice and slow… I didn’t have class until afternoon and my morning consisted of pilates followed by a leisurely breakfast in front of the TV. Slow mornings are some of the greatest moments in life (in my humble opinion).

To top it off, I am currently sitting at my computer drinking a cup of my favorite fall tea, Republic Red Chai, listening to Damien Jurado, and wearing a sweatshirt. I don’t know if there could be a more perfect beginning to Fall (we’ll pretend that it already started).  I know that I have raved about Republic Red Chai tea here before, but seriously it is the best way to warm up on a rainy day. It is about 10x’s better than hot chocolate (and this coming from a girl who likes  LOVES her chocolate).

I hope everyone else is having a perfect day.


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