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Wonderful Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and that means it is time to stop and think about why this week was wonderful!

1. Someone told me that a comment I left on their blog made their day. That made my day 🙂

2. I got to have a muffin for breakfast for the first time in a while. Muffins and tea make such an excellent breakfast.

3. I ran an errand that actually involved leaving the house!

4. While running said errand my shoe decided to break. Which would have sucked but luckily I was only about a half block from my apartment. Also I inherited my Mom’s tough feet so the hot pavement didn’t bother me too much – thanks Mom!

5. A song that was really popular when I was a freshman in high school was playing on the radio today. I hadn’t heard it in years and it made me smile. Don’t you love when the happens?

6. I had Mango Acai White Tea by Honest Tea with lunch and V8 Splash with seltzer when I got back from my errands. Can you tell I went grocery shopping yesterday?

7. I finished rewatching season 1 of Mad Men. I love rewatching shows I love and catching all the little things you missed the first time.

8. I am actually watching the first episode of season 2 as I type this. TV + Blogging = good day!



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A Few Favorite 90s TV Shows

I think my Wonderful Wednesday post from yesterday was less than stellar. In my defense I had an awful headache whilst writing it. To make up for that post’s lameness, I am doing a super awesome A Few Favorites. At least I think it is super awesome (feel free to disagree). Without further ado:

Favorite 90s TV Shows:

1. Captain Planet – “He’s our hero, Gonna take pollution down to zero.” Fun and educational. I always used to fight with my cousin about who got to be “fire” and “wind” (we apparently didn’t like “earth”, “water” & “heart”).

2. Rugrats – Is there anyone who didn’t love this show? It was pretty much my favorite show from ages 5-11.

3. Zoom – I am pretty sure this show originally aired in the 70s but I watched the 90s remake. As a kid I always wanted to do crafts and baking projects. This show was my inspiration (probably to my parents dismay).

4. Justice League – I adored this superhero show. My Mom still sometimes makes fun of me for how much I watched it when I was younger (I still attest it is a super cool show). Actually, when I first met Jim he had a Justice League football in his dorm room. We totally would have been best friends as little kids. (Edit: I just found out that apparently this show actually started in 2001, but I am keeping it anyway).

5. Northern Exposure – I have distinct memories of watching the first couple of seasons of this show with my parents. I couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4, but I felt so special getting to stay up and watch it with them. Plus I have rewatched all the seasons about half a dozen times and it is still quirky and hilarious.

6. Reading Rainbow – Another show that started before my time, but it ran all the way into the 2000s so it definitely had a major presence in my childhood. To be honest I remember very little about this show except for the opening sequence.

7. Wishbone – I loved loved loved this show. It was this little talking dog that told you classic stories (Don Quixote, Treasure Island, etc). For years I begged my parents to buy me a “wishbone dog.”

8. Hercules & Xena – I put these together because they were pretty similar shows and often had shared episodes. I have always been obsessed with Greek myths. I just find them to be fascinating and fun. I was allowed to stay up and watch these shows with my parents which made them all the more special. P.S. Iolaus was always way cooler than Hercules (just saying).

I think that is all I have for today. I could probably keep going, but I think it would just start getting excessive (maybe I’ll do a part 2?). I am not really sure why I make lists of 8 things so often. Probably because 8 is my favorite number. According to certain Psych studies 8 is my favorite number because I was born in the 8th month of the year (random fact of the day).

But now I am just rambling about random things, so I am going to get on with ending this post.

Please feel free to share your favorite 90s TV shows in comments.


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