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Lets Pretend There’s No Such Thing As Winter

This is actually the outfit I wore last Friday. I am a little bit behind on posting. I am gonna try and be better about that though because blogging is really a fun hobby that I love doing.

Anyway when I saw Jim last Friday night he almost immediately asked if I wanted him to take outfit photos. I would like to think its because this outfit is so awesome, but its probably because it was a little crazy. I mean I am wearing 5 inch wedges in January.

IMG 6022

IMG 6020

IMG 6019

IMG 6023

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress – Hand-me-down from my Mom; Sweater – Christmas gift; Tights – Forever 21; Wedges – Modcloth

Anyway I thought I did I pretty good job transitioning this dress from a summer dress to a winter one. Summer dress + oversized sweater + tights = winter outfit!

This is how I wore it over the summer:

IMG 4450



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Feeling Crazy

I have some more outfit photos!! These are from a while ago. I can’t remember exactly when. They were at some point before finals, but everything in the past 2 weeks is pretty much just a blur of studying and Christmas preparation.

This outfit is a little out there, but I like it anyway. I have really been enjoying wearing my hair in a top knot lately. If I wear my hair in a traditional bun, I kind of look like I have no hair in photos, so you know this fixes that.

Anyway here are the pictures:

IMG 5618

IMG 5626

IMG 5629

Credit where Credit is Due: Dress: Modcloth; Shirt: From my Mom; Tights: DKNY (via Macy’s); Wedges: Forever 21; Hair Bow: Won in Contest


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And We’re Back!

I have an outfit post today! Jim and I managed to coordinate some outfit photo time. He is such a good sport. I can’t remember exactly what day I wore this outfit, sometime in the last week I believe. I really liked this it because it was comfy and simple.

Also I am wearing my favorite $10 jeans. I love the color and they are the perfect length for me which is a rarity at 5’3″. (Does the period go inside the quotations in that situation??).

IMG 5597

IMG 5601

IMG 5599

Don’t you just love these shoes? Jim got them for me for our 3 year anniversary!

IMG 5602

Credit where Credit is Due: Cardigan – Jcrew; T-shirt – Jcrew; Jeans – Forever 21; Wedges – Modcloth; Bracelet – Gift From My Mom

In other news I just finished a 10 page research paper for one of my classes. I am super excited to be done with it. The semester is truly coming to an end!


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I Heart Modcloth

I finally got Jim to take outfit photos outside! Unfortunately they came out kind of glarey, but they are much brighter. I love this dress, it feels so simple yet glamorous.

IMG 5017

IMG 5018

IMG 5021

Credit Where Credit is Due: Dress: Modcloth; Vest – Modcloth; Necklace – Modcloth; Wedges – Forever 21


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Electric Feel

I love this grey dress. It is such a great layering piece. I thought it would be perfect to turn this tunic into a dress. I love this tank tops color, but I thought that it would be too long for shorts and it was too hot out for jeans hence I converted it into a dress. This was relatively creative outfit for me, so I enjoyed wearing it. Sometimes it is fun to wear something a little different from your norm.

IMG 4979

IMG 4974

IMG 4976

Credit Where Credit is Due: Tank – gift; Dress – Urban Outfitters; Necklace – gift; Wedges – Forever 21; Headband – Urban Outfitters

Happy Friday!


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Wonderful Wednesday

8 things that made today wonderful!

1. It is the last Wednesday of classes – Woot! (Just 3 more days of classes + finals and then I am a senior – SCARY).

2. Listening  to lots of Damien Jurado and Mountain Goats today.

3. Free cookies at work!

4. This is one of my last nights where I don’t have work to do before the homework explosion that is finals.

5. I finally did some laundry (now I just need to fold it).

6. I have a new Bones and House saved up to watch.

7. I am wearing pretty wedges (even if they did give me blisters they are still pretty awesome).

8. I had to make coffee at work today and I realized I have no idea how to make coffee.

How was everyone’s Wednesday?


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